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The Gamble

The Gamble (Colorado Mountain, #1) - Kristen Ashley

These books are sort of like crack, but they are SO formulaic.  I read book two, Sweet Dreams, and liked it enough to buy books one (The Gamble) and three (Lady Luck).  I read Lady Luck next and it was pretty much exactly the same basic story as Sweet Dreams.  So, I held off reading The Gamble for months.  I just finished The Gamble and I enjoyed it, but it followed the exact same formula.

This is from Sweet Dreams:

“You think I’m some kind of lost woman like out of a book, traveling the globe on some idiot journey to find myself?” I asked and before she could answer, I continued, “Thinking I can go out there and find good food and experience interesting places while soul searching, wearing fabulous clothes and being gorgeous and making everyone I run into love me and, in the end, find a fantastic man who’s really good at sex and adores me beyond reason?”

In a nutshell, this is the formula.  The hero will have lived in the town forever and have history with a set of friends.  He will be "HOT" and a man whore.  He will have a crazy ex.  The heroine will arrive in town for whatever reason.  The hero will immediately decide he wants her.  He will be very possessive and super touchy feely.  She will have an ex-boyfriend/fiance who doesn't love her, but for some odd reason, MUST have her in his life and he will come from out of town to get her.  This will result in an over share of sex information for the hero or heroine.  Something along the lines of stating in public in front of numerous town folk that he fucked her five times that morning.  Then townspeople will fall in love with the heroine.  She will have a knack for saying just the right thing at just the right time.  Everyone will rally around her.  There will pages dedicated to descriptions of home furnishings, food, the heroine's makeup and hair routing and he clothes and jewelry.  The heroine's wacky and zany family will show up from out of town.  Someone will be killed.  The heroine will be kidnapped and harmed (beat up, shot, etc.).  She will escape, but probably not be able to completely save herself and the hero will show up just in time.  The villain(s) will be pretty predictable.  Etc.

A lot happens, so it's entertaining and I enjoy reading about a man who wants a woman and goes after her.  The touchy feely is a great bonus and he usually isn't afraid to say what he's thinking.  I guess that's the crack factor for me.  There just isn't much to guess about - the character names will be different and the set up slightly different, but the same basic things happen.