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Hammer's Fall

Hammer's Fall (The Breakers' Bad Boys) - Laurie Roma

This was just okay for me.  It could've done with some additional editing/proofreading.  There were typos.  The story was very choppy.  I didn't really see the attraction between the hero, Jared (Hammer) and heroine, Kalista.  She owns a bakery.  He owns the gym across the street.  They've been admiring each other, without the other being aware because she has a boyfriend.  That's the back story that's narrated and next thing you know, Kalista is at Jared's gym asking if he gives self defense classes because her ex-boyfriend told her she's fat.  Her mom told her the same thing and that she should lose weight for her cousin's wedding.  Jared hears this information and goes "alpha" and immediately makes a move (so I'm not sure how he "falls" - there's no fighting of the attraction on either of their part).  By the next day, they're fucking on the stairs.  And.... they're together.  The rest of the story is a mix of a big lecture on animal rescue, how "bad" the bad boys of Breakers, Texas are (they don't seem bad at all) and Kalista's insecurities.  The conflict toward the end is pretty contrived.  The names of some of the other characters are too much (Daryk Nyght?).

It seems I'm in the minority looking at other reviews.  I did read the entire book, but I won't be looking for any others, if the series continues.