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Fresh Temptation

Fresh Temptation - Reeni Austin

I really didn't like this.  The hero seemed very creepy to me.  The heroine is working a number of jobs to keep her and her son afloat.  The hero meets her while she's working for the catering company that is catering some event he's attending.  His ex-fiance, who has managed to have herself seated at the hero's table, has her fired for using her cell phone while she's working the dinner.  He feels guilty.  He decides he wants her, so he hires her to work for his company, reporting to him.  Then proceeds to make a bunch of jokes about sexual harassment after he's made advances and, later, had sex with her.  Her mother watches her son while she works and she picks up a man while she's at the park with her grandson one day.  She takes him back to her house, where the heroine and her son live, and he spends the night.  He turns out to be a private investigator who has been taking pictures and investigating the heroine and her son.  It's all very messed up and completely inappropriate.