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Searching for Perfect

Searching for Perfect - Jennifer Probst

This was just okay for me.  I liked the hero, Ned/Nate.  He's an aerospace engineer, presents himself outwardly as the typical nerd and says whatever he's thinking.  Unfortunately, everyone else, including the heroine, seem very superficial.  The heroine, Kennedy, spends more than half the book changing Ned's/Nate's outward appearance.  Then, toward the end, she laments another client choosing men based solely on their appareance.  The shock dog collar was too much.  And there was so much contradictory behavior.  Kennedy is apparently a fashionista and a maneater who is afraid to look in the mirror?  Nate is completely clueless to a woman's reaction when he's blurting out whatever bullshit opinion his brother fed him (and that he mindlessly accepted without question even though he's a genius), but can completely see beneath Kennedy's polished veneer?

I think some of my problems with this book are just my problems.  The whole dating service thing is a bit beyond me.  I can't fathom being totally in love with someone but dating random other people in an effort to try to get over this other person.  That's a disservice to all involved.