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Breaking all the Rules

Breaking All the Rules: An Erotic Novella - Cynthia Sax

I didn't read any of the previous books in this series.  It's stated that it can stand alone, but I feel like I must have missed some back story.  I guess I could see why the hero and heroine were right for each other, but I couldn't relate to the heroine at all and the story is from her point of view.  There is way too much emphasis on her green hair and various piercings.  She has them.  Great.  Let's move on.  The sex scenes were frequent and descriptive, but I couldn't get over the fact they were having all this sex in the building where they both work - the elevator, shredding room and the hero's office.  Everyone seems to be just perfectly fine with it.  She's an intern.  And they flaunted it.  It was just okay for me and it hasn't made me want to pick up any of the others in the series.