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Moonlit Embrace

Moonlit Embrace - Lyn Brittan

I found this to be disjointed.  I had issues following the story.  For example, I thought they weren't going out to the bar with Johanna's coworkers.  Next thing I knew, they were at the bar with Johanna's coworkers.  I had problems like that throughout the entire story.  This was short.  A novella, I guess, and it took me days to get through it.  By the time I made it to the "suspense" part, I was ready to quit reading.  I probably should have because the suspense part made no sense.  There was no explanation that I recall concerning why the protagonist followed Baron and continued to go after the people s/he went after.  There was an explanation for why it started, but not why it continued and forget about how the outcome was explained away.  I gave two stars because I finished it.