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Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed (Second Chances) - Mari Carr

I didn't feel like I knew any of the three main characters by the time I finished the book.  The two guys, Lance and Christian, seem like saints.  They love Shelly, for some reason.  Supposedly she's a great, giving person, although she's also apparently super shy and basically a doormat in the beginning.  She locks her personality down because she's fat.  Also, she's a virgin.  She's known Christian through work for a while and meets Lance when he's her kickboxing instructor at the gym.  (She's made a New Year's resolution to try to lose weight).  It turns out Lance and Christian are old friends and they fall madly in love with Shelly for reasons that I was told about, but didn't really observe myself.  So, they all enter a relationship, but it's only sexual between Shelly and Lance and Shelly and Christian.  The guys are just friends who share Shelly.  And they have no issues with jealousy over time spent together or affection, etc.  I don't really get why two guys would do that.  But, I guess that's my problem.  So, it was an okay read.  It is short for the price.  I wish I'd waited until it was on sale for $.99.  And I'm not interested enough in any of the supporting characters to read their stories, so I won't continue the series.