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Ivan  - Roxie Rivera

This was so cornball.  I couldn't decide if the heroine, Erin, was 12, 35 or 21.  It was just all over the place.  I had a similar issue with the hero, Ivan.  For all of his sordid past, which wasn't detailed at all, and the number of times he'd been incarcerated, it seems like he should be at least 35, but that's not how it came off.  They were just cardboard cut outs.  There wasn't much personality in either character.  Both of them supposedly had all this history, but it was just vaguely mentioned and then blown off, like the author wanted them to have sordid pasts, but couldn't think up any details horrible enough to mention, so was content to state that they each had a bad past and move on.  It was like two actors woodenly reading a bad movie script.

Apparently, this is a series and there are a number of other books in the series, but I'm not at all interested in continuing.  This was free on Kindle, thankfully.