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No Place to Hide

No Place to Hide (The Devlin Group Book 4) - Shannon Stacey

Jack, the hero, and Isabelle, the heroine, have a history in that Jack once rescued her from captivity in Matunisia.  They fell in love during that operation, but he gives her his number while telling her to call if she ever needs him and he'll come.  And, then he puts her on a plane back to the United States.  A year later, she calls him from the bathroom of a coffee shop after someone tries to kill her.  And so the story begins.

I enjoyed this.  Jack is not an "alphahole", but he is a contract "operative", for lack of a better word, working with the Devlin Group.  He has a very strong urge to protect Isabella.  But, she is strong in her own right.  She survived two years of captivity in Matunisia and is able to handle a gun.  And Jack has no problem arming her.

I did feel like I didn't know Jack very well.  He's obviously a good person and cares about Isabelle very much, but his personality didn't "shine".  I likde Isabelle, but I did get irritated a few times at her few whining binges.  It was like she forgot that Jack and his team were helping her because of her connection to Jack and it felt like she could've sucked up some of the complaining.  Then again, I don't know what I would do if someone were taking head shots at me.

This is the first Devlin Group book I've read in the series.  I was not lost, but I do wish I'd started with the first in the series so I'd be more familiar with some of the other characters.  I will probably go back and read the first three to catch up.