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On the Naughty List - Beth Ciotta, Sugar Jamison, Carly Phillips, Lori Foster

This was just okay for me.  I like novellas because once I start a book, I have a hard time stopping until it's finished, so the shorter lengths work for me.  But, it's hard to find well written ones.  Usually, they're insta-lust and then insta-love and it's hard to know the characters.  These suffered from that.


That heroes that Lori Foster writes usually creep me out, for some reason.  This one was no different.  The age difference between the hero and heroine bothered me, given the heroine was described as 22, but seemed more like 18.


Carly Phillip's was okay, but it was insta-love with all this "I've known you forever" type of thought pattern.  A little too much for me.


The Beth Ciotta friends to lovers story was okay.  I like the friends to lovers trope, but was a little confused about when/how the feelings developed with the Cyrano De Bergerac scheme and then the Scrooge mash up.


I read Sugar Jamison's contribution last year.  I seem to remember not caring for the heroine very much and I'm not crazy about the baby/kid trope.  I did like it enough to read a couple of her other Curvy books, though.